About Traditional Karate Academy

Traditional Karate Academy is presently located on the Des Moines N.E. side near Altoona. Its 1,200 sq. foot dojo/Karate training area overlooks 3 acres of scenic woods, wild grass, and a small pond, with plenty of wild life. Stepping into the dojo you realize that you are in a place that evokes the commitment, dedication, and discipline of a Traditional Martial Art. The wood floor and ceiling along with its view to the outside, immediately distinguish it from most modern training facilities.

For the past 34 years Traditional Karate Academy and its instructors have been committed to making the benefits of Traditional Karate available to everyone who has the desire and commitment to embark on a new journey; the journey of learning Traditional Karate. The mastery of Karate is not perfection, but it is a journey we embark on every time we learn something new. "It is a path where brief moments of progress are followed by times of going nowhere. It is a time of great learning through instruction and more and more practice." The rewards are great but the path is not easy. Anyone can get on the path but the real challenge is to stay on it.

Contact Info:

Traditional Karate Academy
4105 East 38th Street
Des Moines, IA 50317
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phone: (515) 343-7746

I've learned so much very quickly. This is one of Des Moines best hidden secrets.
- Grant from Ankeny